The occasional thoughts that appear as reality checks is the voice the real self or the consciousness. The human mind’s capability to cling onto the thoughts and ignore the reason of the spirit gives birth to the insecurity that it develops which leads to disbelief in the matters of self because there comes a time when you are too much into the process of over thinking that your mind or ego creates shield walls around your misbelief. Now certainly, if you can switch on the plug, you can reverse your action towards self-belief, by consciously switching the plug off. Recognition of self is not a tedious or an effort taking process if you recognise the clinging. Once you get those reality checks, put the over worked thought portfolio to a side and slide into your true self.


Heal your ego in such a way that it identifies with your consciousness to a certain balance. One must draft the beauty and the course of the spirit self into one’s subconscious identity, without losing the awareness and sight. …

The present moment is often given a misdirection by others who fail to see the significance of this beautiful sense of reality.

Before I show you to its truth, I need you to consider the unreal truth first. The unreal truth being the denial of existence of the other two realms of time in the present moment. These three realms are man made concepts. Past, Present and Future are mere concepts discovered…

No care for material, no care for wealth,

No care for titles, no care for vibrant chateaus.

Who am I?

I am who I once was.

Who was I?

I was a being who belonged.

How did I belong?

I belonged because I had everything.

What all did I have?

When all seems glorious and all seems bright,

When all seems pure and all seems light,

When all seems precious and all seems like a sight,

It is then that you are divine.

Everybody wants change in their lives. Everybody wants to make their lives look and feel like a…

Before you get into this article, I need you to lose the identity of the self you know yourself as, for some moments to come. Forget the sense of a conditioned you and dive into the true conscious being you are in reality.

I am air. I am water. I…

This vast universe is a unity of various living and breathing organisms. Plants, humans, animals, soil and water, out of which, the most prominently active are humans and animals. Why? Because we, have the power to adapt and overcome. Adapting and overcoming are important for survival but the same also…

The Expression of Sight.

19 years! For 19 years, my brain had been at a permanent haul. Breathing like the multitude, speaking like the mass, walking like the herd, dancing, singing, fighting, drawing, writing, running and even loving like someone. Who? That’s the question that’s left unanswered. …

Shreyas Narain

Being here now. I have transformed myself into a being who identifies himself both, as an ego and as a conscience. With this achievement, I wish to provide.

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